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Delphia’s yachts are designed by highly professional craftsmen using state-of-the-art computer software and high-tech equipment such as CNC. The technology team manages the manufacturing preparations and oversees the manufacturing process itself using only the highest quality materials for construction. Our facilities employ infusion technology. Delphia has a long-standing relationship with the Ship Design and Research Centre where our boat prototypes are examined and tested.

Thanks to employing modern manufacturing technologies, we are able to offer our products at extremely competitive prices. Our shipyard has also solved some environmental problems, for example, we have installed dust separators at our joinery completely eliminating the “dust” problem. We have also switched from coal to oil fired boiler systems. To be able to recycle as much waste as possible, we have created a dedicated waste recycling station. Since 2002, we have used environmentally friendly components and materials such as Low Styrene Emission resins.

Delphia 40.3

Length overall 12,35 m 40,52 ft
Hull length 11,95 m 39,21 ft
Beam 3,94 m 12,93 ft
Draft 2,27 m 7,45 ft
Total weight 8600 kg 18960 lbs

Delphia 47

Length overall 14,48 m 47,51 ft
Hull length 14,03 m 46,03 ft
Beam 4,48 m 14,70 ft
Draft 2,30 m 7,55 ft
Total weight 14000 kg 30865 lbs

About Delphia Yachts

After many years of developing a successful business, the Delphia brand has become known throughout the global sailing community for its unsurpassed build quality, innovative designs, comfort, durability and performance.

Some Delphia yacht owners have sailed around the world. For others, the sheer joy of being aboard a superior yacht is reason enough to be part of the Delphia family. Great sailing, friendship and pride of ownership. This is the world of Delphia to which we invite you and extend our warmest welcome.

By combining our experience and passion with the best in modern technology, we at Delphia are proud to present a range of boats of truly unique character and style.

Delphia Yachts – Manufacturing

The history of Delphia began with two brothers. 
Now, under a common flag, Delphia unites a variety of passionate people sharing the same idea: to make sure that once you have been bitten by the sailing bug, it will remain with you forever.

To us, True sailing means yachts built to plough through waves and chase the wind. 
To be in harmony with the sailor. To secure and anticipate his actions. Only a True yacht listens to the sailor and adjusts to his skill. Only a True vessel never fails in distress and makes dreams of sailing come true.

Our yachts are the simplest way to bring passion to life, designed in adherence to nautical standards developed over countless years and built using technologies to ensure uncompromising strength by master craftsmen. We place our focus on sailing properties, production technologies and ergonomic design.

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