Adventure Ribs

Adventure Ribs & Inflatable boats

The perfect luxury RIB tenders for the toughest use, but with simple, classically clean lines!

The Adventure Vesta Series – is a range of rigid inflatable boats designed to offer all the fun and excitement of the open water. High speed, excellent stability and superb manoeuvrability characterise all boats in the Vesta series, from the V-250 to the superbly equipped V-650 model. The strength of the fibreglass hulls combined with the safety provided by the inflatable tubes make this series the perfect choice for a range of applications, be it as a small, robust rib for larger yachts, or with the larger Vesta variants for waterskiing, fishing and diving.

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Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 650

202319,900 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 610 Hd

202314,500 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 585

202312,990 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 550

202311,200 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 505

20239,900 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 450

20238,900 €

Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 380

20238,163 €

……and of course for the pleasure of exploring the open waters and coastline that can only be reached by boat. The Vesta series is incredibly robust and ready to take you on your own adventures.

It offers friends and family the ultimate boating fun for many years to come. High performance and absolute reliability are a prerequisite. Excitement and the pleasure of freedom on the water come naturally.

The Vesta series is designed for carefree, exciting boating. All you have to do is let your imagination decide where you want to be and your Vesta Rib will take you there.

Maximum reliability

Exclusive design, maximum reliability, large buoyancy tubes, low weight, easy and quick assembly and disassembly, strong appearance, are the main features of all ADVENTURE rigid inflatable boats and ribs. All elements and materials are extremely strong and reinforced, which is the best guarantee for a long service life.

All boats are manufactured using welding processes that meet all relevant requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive. (Directive 94/25 / EC).

ADVENTURE inflatable boats are not afraid of overheating from the sun or excessive loads and are designed for the most demanding boaters who demand modularity, safety and seaworthiness from their boats, but never want to give up the prestige of owning a boat with a unique design and technical features. The boats are built to meet all the necessary requirements for safety on the water.

Thermal welding technology

Adventure engineers have developed the original thermal welding technology. To achieve the high quality and welding standards they wanted and demanded, they designed and built high frequency equipment that produces welds considered by critical experts to be the strongest in the world. The company and its engineers rightly belong to this category and are proud to have developed a process that ensures that every Adventure boat is of immense strength and virtually indestructible – their process is the company’s trademark.

In fact, the strength of each seam on an Adventure boat is two to three times that of the actual material, able to easily withstand the sudden stresses that can occur when using a boat in difficult conditions and unaffected by the effects of overheating in harsh environments, direct sunlight. The engineers and designers are constantly striving to improve what is already the most advanced seam welding process.

Other forms of this welding are actively being developed and are unique to the Adventure Company. Adventure demands the ultimate strength from their boats. You shouldn’t demand less!

The Adventure range includes tenders and RIB boats. Whether you are a professional or commercial user, need a boat to use as a tender, need a boat for fishing, or for fun and relaxation, or perhaps want to go skiing and want the high-speed thrill of a RIB, there is sure to be a boat that meets your requirements perfectly.

Design & Manufacturing

The multi-layer material, which comes from Germany, is virtually impervious to UV light, fuels and oils and is perfectly suited to the construction technique used exclusively by Adventure – the thermal welding process. High frequency welding permanently bonds all parts of the boat’s construction together. The result? A boat with virtually indestructible seams and tubes that will be as good as new many years after the five-year warranty has expired.

All parts of the Adventure boat that are once connected remain permanently in this way. No matter how hard the stress, no matter what the conditions, the reliability of an Adventure boat is guaranteed.

Adventure designs and builds RIB boats without compromise for the absolute satisfaction of its users! The material used in all RIBs is of the highest quality and is not only extraordinarily durable, it is also perfect for your adventure on the water in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Acceptable price

No matter which Adventure boat you choose, the same care in design, development and construction, as well as the constant research in materials and technology, guarantee the absolute reliability and durability of your boat. Adventure engineers and designers never rest to make sure you can.

– So you can enjoy your boating experience with total confidence and enjoy worry-free days on the water in a boat that is exceptionally stable