Integrity Trawler Yachts


The company’s factory is situated in Guangzhou in China,two hours from Hong Kong. The Integrity ships are available in sizes from 32 – 80 feet.

There are 15 different models and designs, all built in polyester. There is a choice of the models, Eurotrawlers , Coastal Express,Lobster and Cruising. All ships are spacious and very well finished with seaworthy hulls and an economic fuelconsumption.

The Integrity company is a reliable and very experienced company and deliver her ships with CE certificates A or B. Swanta-yachting is the exclusive importer and listen to your special wishes regarding style and specifications to built your own Integrity (Semi custom built).

All ships are tested by the marine certification institute, HPI and comply to the international standards as written in the recreational craft directive 94/25/EC in conjunction with the essential safetyrules 3.2 for stability and hullsize and 3.3 for buoyancy and flotation. Each ship has its own HPI report and a declaration of conformity. Also there will be a guarantee given on hullconstruction,equipment and osmosis(5 years).

Our slogan; seaworthy,comfort and luxury.

Integrity 320

Length over all: 9.75 meter

product.beam: 3.70 meter

Height above waterline 2.90 meter

Draft: 1.10 meter

Water displacement: 7.5 product.ton

Fuel tank: 950 litre

Water tank: 500 litre

Integrity 380

Length over all: 11.70 meter

product.beam: 4.11 meter

Height above waterline 3.10 meter

Draft: 1.16 meter

Water displacement: 10.000kgs product.ton

Fuel tank: 1140 ltr litre

Water tank: 530 ltr litre

Integrity 440

Length over all: 13.40 meter

Length bow/transom: 13.25 meter

Length waterline: 11.85 meter

product.beam: 4.30 meter

Height above waterline 3.80 meter

Draft: 1.30 meter

Water displacement: 13.5 product.ton

Fuel tank: 1400 litre

Water tank: 1000 litre

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