Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 450 (2023)

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Adventure Boats Adventure Vesta 450 (2023)
(Code 545312)
8,900 EUR
Technical details
4,50 Mt
1,95 Mt
175 Kg
VAT included
Vesta V-450

Standard equipment
Deep "V" shaped fiberglass hull
Non-slip surface
Uniquely designed, welded, inflatable buoyancy hose in Italian style with three hermetically separated chambers
Mini Lux vertical steering console with internal jam, windshield, stainless steel bow and ventilation plate
Mini Lux soft seat for two people and soft backrest
Full outboard protection protects against abrasion and keeps the interior of the boat dry
Safety grippers on pipes
Bow towing ring, two towing rings attached to the pipe, two rear towing rings and a bow ring for lifting
Drain screw in the cockpit
Hull drain screw
Nose grip, two rear handles for easy wearing
Foot pump with valve adapter
Emergency repair kit in plastic container, including material and glue
Excellent storage bag with rowing, foot pump and repair kit
The offer is exemplary, we are happy to create an individual offer for you, there are different seat combinations to choose from, as well as antislip covering on the hose and additional hose protection from below. We also recommend overpressure valves of better quality.
Fiber Glass