Sale of boat

Selling your yacht successfully – what you should consider

Owning a yacht is undoubtedly an expression of prestige and exclusivity. For this reason, if you as an owner want to sell your yacht, marketing should also be top-notch. At Baltic Yachtpoint we share your passion for yachting and have therefore specialized in marketing your yacht professionally, discreetly and with confidence. Below we will show you what is important when selling a yacht and how we can make the marketing a success.

1. What you should consider when selling your yacht

In order to successfully sell a yacht on the international market, you need a comprehensive presence and the right know-how. A well-founded price assessment is just as important for sales success as a representative approach to the desired target group. After all, when owning your own ship, not only its usefulness but also its emotional value play a major role. Therefore, if you want to sell your yacht, you should seek the help of experienced experts like Baltic Yachtpoint.

2. Sell a yacht – the correct price assessment is crucial

A professional evaluation of your yacht is the basis for successful sales. Only those who have the necessary experience, comprehensive specialist knowledge and a deep understanding of the market have the necessary know-how to correctly assess the value of your yacht. Your sales inquiries are therefore in the best hands at Baltic Yachtpoint. As experienced experts, we will contact you personally before you receive an individual assessment of the maximum possible sales price for your yacht based on a thorough market and target group analysis. Our top priority is to get the best price for your yacht in the shortest possible time.

This is how we determine the offer price for your ship:

– Comprehensive assessment of your yacht

– Creation of a well-founded market analysis

– Detailed target group analysis

– Research on offer prices for comparable yachts

– Incorporating our many years of market knowledge

3. The right marketing strategy – as individual as your yacht

In order to sell your yacht successfully, in addition to a well-founded price estimate, you also need an individual marketing strategy that optimally highlights the special features of your ship. Thanks to many years of expertise and excellent industry contacts, we have the opportunity to plan the best possible marketing for you.

To ensure that the unique qualities of your yacht are showcased on the market, we will create an individual marketing concept for you – from the creation of professional exposés including photographs and videos to the distribution of advertisements in online and print media to the organization and implementation of viewings We offer first-class service from a single source when you sell your yacht.

This is what the exposé for your yacht could look like:

4. Inspire buyers with a successful viewing

There’s no second chance to make a first impression – so it’s important not to leave anything to chance, especially when potential buyers view your yacht. Comprehensive planning is an important prerequisite for presenting your yacht in such a way that the potential buyer can immediately imagine themselves on board. Use our many years of experience to present the most attractive aspects of your ship – both inside and out. Because one thing is certain: a successful viewing that leaves an exceptional impression is the key to the successful sale of your yacht for everyone involved.

5. Always stay up to date

Commissioning someone to sell a yacht means placing a lot of trust in them. At Baltic Yachtpoint, your trust is in the right hands – right from the start. For example, you always have a dedicated contact person throughout the entire marketing process who will take care of all questions and involve you in all activities. This includes regular information about the status of sales, the exchange of information about planned marketing measures and contract-relevant details. Good communication with you as the client is our top priority – after all, it is one of the most important prerequisites for sales success!

6. Professional contract negotiations from an expert

If you sell your yacht with us Baltic Yachtpoint, you will be in the best hands when negotiating the contract. We dedicate all our passion and expertise to bringing your yacht sale to a lucrative end for you. Whether it concerns the rapid transmission of purchase offers, the negotiation process itself or contractual issues – Baltic Yachtpoint guarantees you the highest level of expertise, market knowledge and negotiating skills.

7. Sell a yacht with Baltic Yachtpoint

Baltic Yachtpoint stands for the consistently excellent service quality that has made us successful since 2004. If you sell your yacht, you will benefit from first-class all-round marketing with us, through which we will guide you to successful sales. Contact us online for a non-binding consultation or visit us on site at our office in Rostock, by prior arrangement.

We look forward to your contact request!